Cetacean Connection

mother-and-calf-sliderYou are invited to join us on a journey to the worlds most breathtaking locations onboard luxury yachts to connect with whales, dolphins and ocean beings. These ‘Oceans of Love’ Whale Connection Retreats bring awareness to your life through Natures gifts and teach Eco-sustainable living.

Packages Start at $1799

As we sail along the awe inspiring coast lines with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, you will feel yourself unwind as you intergrate catermaraninto your spiritual and creative inspired self. The serene yet wild beauty of nature and ability to create your own soul song harmonics is activated through pure connection to the earths natural abundance.

Connecting intimately with the ocean, your heart may well open wide as you sail through crystal clear waters sighting the Humpback whales & their newborn calves, dolphins, turtles and dugongs. As whale song resonates through the hull of the boat, musical creations may be inspired and amplified through the hydrophone and onboard speakers.

We welcome you and your guest/guests to join us and be nurtured and inspired – body, mind & soul.

Spaces are limited on these fully immersing journeys. These heart expansive journeys include:

Jumping-Into-Water• Gourmet organic & whole food to nourish
• Trips to the sandy shore to re-energise be it, Tai Chi, 6 Tibetans or Yoga
• Meditation for stillness and communion
• Drawing and journaling for play and creativity
• Swimming and walking to exercise and relax
• Sound research and musical exploration
• Recording of your very one Oceans of Love Song
• Heart and kundalini activation processes
• Deeply nourishing body massage
• Natural Skin Treatments