Oceans of Love

Consciously Creating Change

Soul Retreats

Our immersive and holistic retreats are a life changing journey of self discovery travel to pristine places amongst nature, adventure and soulful nourishment practices that are heart expansive?

Lifestyle Coaching

This global innovative ‘edu-vacational’ 12 month lifestyle coaching program is the key to your souls freedom. We invite you to join with us and the world leading holistic health and wealth specialists.

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Everyone is on a journey through this lifetime. We are here to help show you a path that is true to you. Our ocean retreats, life coaching, online courses, in person training and In2Soul retreats represent just a small part of what we do! Reach out to us find out how we can tailor a transformation, a retreat, or a learning opportunity just for you!

Oceans of Love

Oceans of Love was inspired by Victoria Millar-Wise’s life long affinity with Nature, Creatures Great & Small plus her deep Spiritual connection to all. Through authentically living a life that embodies holistic well-being & harmonic rebalancing, Victoria has developed Spiritual Wellbeing Journeys Worldwide, inspired by her own personal healing & life path quest. Overcoming many challenges has seen her develop proven methods in becoming who you were born to be.

The knowledge Victoria has gained over half a decade ensures these private Retreats & Adventures are exclusive one-off experiences. You are fully embraced through nurturing plus stimulating your body, mind, soul & heart which activates you to live your life to the fullest.

You become the Master of your own Destiny through immersing in Holy Waters, supported by Master Guides & Healers plus Natures organic gifts plus the Whispers of Cetaceans & Animals

We Are Inpired By The Ocean & Our “Why” Every Day!

Oceans of Love

A transformational self discovery journey to consciously connect and rejuvenate you ~ spirit, mind, body, heart and home…

Make Connections With Our Marine Life

We offer many types of ocean retreat – from cleaning up beaches with meditation and yoga to book writing retreats by the ocean. We find many other ways to do our part to help preserve our marine wonderworld while making connections with the heart. What is your heart’s desire? We can help you make it come true!

Consciously Creating Change

‘Oceans of Love’ was created with the ethos and legacy to educate and inpire so that organic products would be the only products used in all homes & vessels, so as to rejuvenate our Earth & Oceans. Retreats have evolved from this Vision - to inspire, educate, evolve and grow earthlings and ocean nymphs!